Exploring Space and Asteroids: Asteroid Foundation’s Autumn 2023 Highlights

Exploring Space and Asteroids: Asteroid Foundation’s Autumn 2023 Highlights

Exploring Space and Asteroids: Asteroid Foundation’s Autumn 2023 Highlights 2560 1920 Asteroid Foundation

In Autumn 2023, the Asteroid Foundation took part in a series of events aimed at promoting science and space exploration in Luxembourg. Below, we present a summary of our recent endeavours.

Luxembourg International Science Expo (#LISE2023) and Supporting Young Talent

Asteroid Foundation at the Luxembourg International Science Expo

We kicked off our autumn initiatives at the Luxembourg International Science Expo (#LISE2023), hosted by Fondation Jeunes Scientifiques Luxembourg. This event was a vibrant celebration of science and innovation, showcasing projects by young scientists from around the world. At our booth, visitors had the chance to engage with an Augmented Reality (AR) model of the DART mission spacecraft, which successfully deflected asteroid Dimorphos. Participants also enjoyed launching virtual asteroids and learning more about their potential impact on our planet and why asteroid research is important.

During this event, we were proud to support Daria Alice Ciobanu, a promising young asteroid researcher and aspiring astronomer. Daria’s journey began at one of our Erasmus+ events in Romania, and it was heartening to see her growth. She took the stage as one of the distinguished speakers at the Asteroid Day Space Lecture, hosted by the Asteroid Foundation at Tramsschapp, Luxembourg in 2023.

The closing ceremony of #LISE2023 took place at the Grand Theatre of the City of Luxembourg. This event was graced by notable figures, including Paulette Lenert and Franz Fayot, making it a memorable experience for all.

Exploring Eclipses with Catalin Beldea and Educating the Next Generation

Exploring Eclipses with Catalin Beldea at LGL Luxembourg

We continued our mission to inspire and educate during a live-streamed presentation by Catalin Beldea, a renowned Romanian eclipse chaser and astrophotographer with 14 expeditions spanning six continents. In the event supported by the European Union’s Erasmus+ program and co-hosted by the Asteroid Foundation and LGL – Lycée de Garçons de Luxembourg, Catalin shared captivating stories from his eclipse-chasing adventures with over 200 students. This event showcased the power of mentorship and education in nurturing a fascination for the space.

Later in the evening, more than 60 participants, including the students from the earlier lecture, joined Catalin for a stargazing session in Munscbach to witness the beauty of Saturn and Jupiter with their own eyes. This experience had a profound impact, igniting a deep interest in space exploration among the younger generation.

Students at the stargazing event with Catalin Beldea

Astronomy Days with ESERO Luxembourg

Our October events concluded with Astronomy Days, organised by ESERO Luxembourg at the Luxembourg Science Center. It was heartwarming to see the enthusiasm of young individuals eager to explore the wonders of astronomy and space, with a special focus on asteroids. The lecture by the Romanian eclipse hunter, Catalin Beldea, brought to Luxembourg through the Erasmus+ program, was met with great enthusiasm.

Asteroid Foundation at Astronomy Days by ESERO

These autumn events reflect the Asteroid Foundation’s commitment to promoting space exploration and raising awareness about asteroids in our local community. They are part of our ongoing efforts to inspire, educate, and engage with the Space. We thank everyone who joined us on this exciting journey!