About Asteroid Foundation

Asteroid Foundation’s goal is to promote worldwide awareness, understanding, and education about asteroid opportunities and risks and the emerging space economy.

Each year the Foundation organizes public information events around and on 30 June, called “Asteroid Day”, in order to raise people’s awareness and understanding of asteroids. Asteroid Day is a United Nations recognized day of education and awareness.  The Foundation undertakes a public information and education program through journals, magazines, newspaper articles, public lectures, workshops, media platforms, and other means to reach out and inform the general public around the world about asteroids’ benefits and risks.

Asteroid Foundation also undertakes programs and activities to support asteroid scientists, engineers and students around the world to accelerate asteroid discovery by sponsoring and co-sponsor programs, research, conferences, and workshops on the subject of asteroids.  You can review a snapshot of our Luxembourg based 2019 programs here.

Asteroid Foundation, (autorisée par Arrêté grand-ducal du 22 Juin 2017)  authorized by grand-ducal decree of 22 June 2017 and supervised by the Luxembourg Ministry of Justice.