Friends of Asteroid Foundation

About Friends of Asteroid Foundation

A yearly membership program “Friends of Asteroid Foundation” which entails those who join to receive a newsletter twice a year, occasional invites to events in Luxembourg and discounts to various space-related and asteroid programs and activities. Members will receive a complimentary invite to the Asteroid Foundation’s Technical Briefing held around 30 June for example. Members also get a special discount on tickets to the Asteroid Day Gala Dinner annually.

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Banking & Wire Information

Asteroid Foundation’s detailed bank information for wires and transfers
    • Bank name: Banque Internationale à Luxembourg
    • Address: 69, Route d’Esch à L-2953 Luxembourg
    • Country: Luxembourg
    • Postal code: L-2953
    • Account number: LU70 0021 2101 5490 2500
    • International bank account number (IBAN) (Required for certain countries): LU70 0021 2101 5490 2500
    • CLABE number (18-digit account number required for Mexico):
    • Senders reason for or purpose of the transfer or wire (Required for certain countries): “donation” or “grant” or “gala ticket” or “sponsorship”
    • International routing code (Required for certain countries): varies
    • Additional information (Required for certain countries or recipient banks): varies